29 June 2022

Petrofac Group Chief Executive, Petrofac Chief Operating Officer & Petrofac Oman Country Manager Welcomed at Takatuf Petrofac Oman

27th June 2022, Muscat, Oman:  Mr Sami Iskander, Petrofac Group Chief Executive, Mr Elie Lahoud, Petrofac Chief Operating Officer (E&C), and Dr Khalid Al Jahwari, Petrofac Oman Country Manager and TPO Board Member, were welcomed at Takatuf Petrofac Oman (TPO) today.  Mr Andy Morris, General Manager at TPO, and Mr Jamie Mackay, TPO Technical Lead, hosted the VIP guests with an enjoyable tour around the state-of-the-art, oil and gas training facility.

Mr Andy Morris commented, “We were delighted to welcome Mr Iskander, Mr Lahoud and Dr Al-Jahwari and very pleased that they were able to take time out of their busy schedule to visit us at TPO.  Petrofac is an integral part of TPO and the senior management team and staff continue to offer fantastic support. It gives me great pride to be able to showcase the centre and demonstrate how our training programmes, training staff and world class facilities all help to produce high quality technicians, who can go onto enjoy excellent careers in the Energy industry.”

The guests were shown around the training facility and greeted by the students who are currently being trained in the plant areas and workshop.  The students eagerly took the opportunity to explain to the visitors what they were learning and demonstrate their technical skills in action.

“It gives us an enormous amount of pride to observe how the students embrace their technical training here at TPO,” remarked Mr Jamie Mackay, Technical Lead. “It is also a source of much personal pride to witness how well they improve and learn how to hone their skills to make them an integral part of Oman’s future in the oil and gas industry.”

At the end of the visit Mr Sami Iskander encouraged all Petrofac staff to find out more about TPO and take the opportunity to visit if schedules allow. As always here at TPO, we are delighted to receive visitors and provide the opportunity to see our wonderful training centre.



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