Our Facility

At TPO we utilise state-of-the-art workshops and simulators to replicate specific areas of oil and gas operations. We provide delegates with practical and realistic hands-on training, blended with theory based classroom sessions for an overall approach to learning that is both comprehensive and immersive.

Our four process training plants are built to exactly the same industrial standards as the facilities they are designed to replicate. This allow us to offer a much more realistic training programme than computer based systems alone by replicating routine activities as well as a wide range of faults in real-time, in a safe environment.

When learning on process training plants, delegates are able to practice skills with less supervision compared to a live plant. This type of learning encourages delegates to put in to practice the training they have received and resolve issues themselves.

Training on a process training plant also provides an ideal opportunity for all disciplines to work together ā€“ including electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and control, HSE and process operations ā€“ aiding the development of teamwork skills alongside the acquisition of technical expertise.

Pilot plant highlights

  • Two-phase separators/three-phase separators
  • Distributed control system/programmable logic controllers
  • Foundation fieldbus/hart/modbus/wireless instrumentation
  • Customised process and operator interface to match with the current installations
  • Provision to practice measurements such as pressure, level, temperature and flow controls
  • Process hook up close to real plant
  • Certified pressure vessels (ā€˜Uā€™ stamp)